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Arthur rogers dating yahoo personals

She’s fit and active." data-reactid="28"Christina Bruni seems to have it all.

She owns her own co-op, has a gym-toned body and striking good looks, and a career as a librarian. And 22 years ago, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.“I don’t have time to waste with fearful, ignorant guys,” she tells Yahoo Health.

“I’m a creative, quirky gal who’s an artist and a writer, and I feel most at home among my own tribe.

(Sites like, an online dating website for individuals with mental illnesses, target this population.)Bruni used to have a profile on one such site.“And even though I have been in remission for 23 years, I still think a lot of people might have a hard time learning that.”" data-reactid="64"On the other hand, she agrees that speaking up about a mental health condition is uber-important.“Someone with a mental illness where they still have symptoms needs someone to understand what it’s like to live every day with that extra challenge,” Bruni says.For people with a mental condition, when meeting a potential romantic partner, the first words out of their mouths are likely not “Hey, I’m depressed/bipolar/schizophrenic.” But that leads to the question: When is the right time to reveal illness?Of course, it depends on a multitude of factors: Some people are more open than others, every relationship is different, and some conditions are more serious than others.

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