Asp update not updating

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Execute(sql) 'The website cannot display the page HTTP 500 Most likely causes: •The website is under maintenance. Go to the place on the server where the file is stored.

Right click the file Click security tab If the iusr account is there, add the Modify rights (Write will be checked too).

While that will let you check the results of any test run in Server Explorer, you still won't be able to have one test run build on the changes made by a previous test run.

To get that to happen, you'll need to change the Copy to Output Directory property on the database file in your project's root.

The db connection seems running ok but insert/update functions. Here is the code: dim fuser, fpass, duser, dpass, admin fuser = Trim(Request. Form("user Password")) set conn=server.createobject("adodb.connection") main_mdb = server. Open "Driver=; DBQ=" & main_mdb & ";" Set rs=Server.

Create Object("ADODB.recordset") "Select Vch User Name, Vch Password, Bln Administrator from tbl User", conn do until rs.

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