Can scorpio dating another scorpio

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Can scorpio dating another scorpio

Mostly, I hope you have an enjoyable year that gives you laughter and love.

With Uranus in Taurus your new partner may be quite attractive.It is imperative that you understand your natal house placements and read the horoscopes of your ascendant and even your moon sign to get a better feel for how this energy will impact you. Given the Scorpio's I know personally, I only know one that was comfortable in the spotlight and even he was a little edgy. And if you ain't and have no intention of being, well, you will regret it. Because that is where the commander of chaos is sitting and opposing your moon and Venus. There is not nearly enough of it in this life and you need to spread it around as much as you can while you are here. And they can make more if they want but be careful until you are sure they arent taking money under the table. Maybe they built you a castle and are waiting to take you to it. The other side of this energy, if you don't happen to be a hopeless romantic, is that you could be investing a lot of your hard earned money into something that you need to make sure you know is legit or not some kind of front for something icky. Your financial situation does look a bit dicey, and the same issues that were plaguing you last year have not changed. However, if you have made sound investments in the stock market that have been a bit stagnant for the past several years, you should see them bringing you a return now. Perhaps because you are more focused on your home life and the changes happening there.Because the north node is inviting you very publicly to be front and center. But it isn't so much of an invitation as a summons. There could be no bigger astrological cliche' than to have this and have a secret love. Maybe they are pregnant and want to tell your wife. If you have to sell a home, you might be able to make a lot of money on it if you have lived there for a long time and your neighborhood has other houses that have maintained their value. This may not leave you as much time as you would like to be at home.Taurus is a rather slow to react sign and doesn't operate as quickly as Uranus does making the energy uncomfortable in a sign that is all about creature comforts.For you, Uranus will be moving into your solar chart house of partnerships, which includes spouses, best friends, business partners and also indicates legal agreements, or disagreements as the case may be.

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The opposite can be true as well if Uranus is kind to you based upon your natal chart. Or at least see where you need to alter your behavior to make your future better. Please help make this world better with your vision and your power to overcome.