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We also check your baby’s growth, the position of the placenta and the amount of fluid around the baby.

If the scan shows a possible problem, you will be referred to a specialist to confirm findings and where necessary discuss the options available to you.

It is important to remember that not all abnormalities will be detected on ultrasound scan.

In ultrasound scanning during pregnancy high frequency sound waves are used to make pictures of the inside of your body and your baby.

It may also be possible to see the gender of the baby at this scan, although we cannot guarantee a correct diagnosis of the baby's sex.

Please tell the sonographer at the start of your appointment if you would like to know if the baby is a boy or a girl.

For more information about antenatal screening click here. At your booking appointment (usually when you are between 8-12 weeks pregnant) we can take a blood sample to check the following: At this appointment you will also be asked for a urine sample to check for protein and infection.

Another blood sample will be taken at 28 weeks gestation to check iron levels and antibodies again.

We occasionally detect major abnormalities at this scan too.At this scan, we check the baby for any abnormalities or health problems and also check the position of the placenta.About half of the major abnormalities which cause serious difficulties will be seen on scan and around half will not be seen, which means that even if your scan is normal, there is a small chance that your baby may have a problem.You can contact the Antenatal Screening midwives on the following number: 01206 746563 For Ultrasound Scan enquiries please call 01206 742502.After finding out you’re pregnant, you should contact your GP or local children’s centre to arrange your first community midwife appointment.

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You can also download this booklet which includes a link to translations into 17 languages.