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Niagara region dating

Thankfully that Flood will never be repeated, and lies beyond even our imagination.Thankfully also, Niagara Falls helps us grapple with these thoughts, expanding our feeble imaginations.A creationist advocate of the great Flood of Noah's day appreciates Niagara Falls for the catastrophic power of moving water on display.The Niagara Gorge down river from the falls provides abundant evidence of its erosive power. But the great Flood would be like Niagara Falls multiplied a thousand times.From the Canadian vantage point, overwhelming volumes of water rush past with hardly a ripple, suddenly plummeting into the chasm below.A boat ride underneath the falls or a hike behind the falls leaves one speechless, and it's a good thing, for the impact of water on rock, multiplied in every direction, drowns out all human voices.Splitting into the Canadian side (over 1400 feet wide), and the American side (1000 feet wide), they suddenly drop 182 tumultuous feet to the rocks below.

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We've gone white water rafting, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, skating, swimming, snowboarding and snowshoeing (this one was through a vineyard with frequent stops for wine, so it might not count).

We go to the gym together and our healthy competition keeps us striving for and setting new goals.

The waters flow speedily through numerous rapids for another seven miles or so to the city of Queenston, where suddenly the river exits onto rather flat table land.

Here it flows calmly for about eight miles, dropping only four feet in elevation, where upon it enters Lake Ontario.

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We have a great friend group that shares our love of sports and most of our social activities revolve around our weekly sports schedules.

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