Ranbir katrina affair confirmed dating seriously Live sex chat in mobile

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Ranbir katrina affair confirmed dating seriously

That both had daggers drawn was obvious to anyone who watched them closely during these promotions, with icy glances, rehearsed replies and hostile body language.No clarifications ensued, and neither gave the media a reply, or the satisfaction of getting a hint of their mutual disgruntlement.As they were open about their relation, the break up of Deepika and Ranbir was public knowledge too.On the other hand, Salman and Katrina parted ways in a hush-hush manner.

But in the end, this entire ‘hook up’ could fall flat on its face.

Katrina doesn’t speak much about her private life either.

Since then, Ranbir took a smoke break with Pakistani actor Mahira Khan and out came their 'close relationship'. Now, ever since he has made a trip to Tel Aviv with co star Alia Bhatt for their forthcoming , a mega flick with a massive budget, their ‘romance’ has been imagined, built upon, discussed, debated, interpreted and also warned against.

Reports suggest that Ranbir and Katrina might get engaged within a month.

Soon, rumours mills started buzzing that Ranbir and Katrina were dating.

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Yet another mentions that Alia is actually dating Kavin Mittal, the billionaire kid of Airtel owner Sunil Bharti Mittal.

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